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Management occupations of public land

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Information system, made for the City of Venice, has as its objective the reordering of existing material (cards, in trade and on-site surveys) on the condition of the grants of public land use "plateatico" throughout the municipal.
The return on digital mapping provides the structure on different levels of information regarding: plateatici, fori edilizi, units, cone visual.

Distribution of occupations of public land in the historical

The construction of the system has provided a study on the criteria for the granting of public spaces in the historic center and the design of the areas analyzed overall.

SUAP collaboration with the City of Venice, launched in 2005, proposed to expand the supply of on-line and, while, to create the conditions for building a decision support system. This system aims to lighten the workload and documentation that weighs both the common, both the private citizen, in performing the bureaucratic process of granting a new concession of public areas.

The information system represents the state of the "occupation of public areas" throughout the city.

The structure includes the following levels of information:
– Plateatici: set of all occupations of public land;
– Fori Edilizi: perforated patterns relating to the individual public;
– Unità: simplified representation of the plans concerning the activity in question;
– Coni di Visuale: observation points with image attached.

Extract from the floor of Via Garibaldi

A tool for printing, platform MapBasic ®, use within the software  GIS MapInfo ®, provides automatic documentation:
– Information sheets representing individual concessions accompanied with digital images (formato A4-A3);
– Scale maps on demand environment for the exchange of reports / opinions with the Superintendent and / or Preservation.

Simultaneously with the system have been numerous studies conducted on the criteria for the granting of public spaces in the historic center of Venice.

The plans made, over 40, define guidelines for the planning of future occupations of public land.

These plans take into account different aspects:

  • Parameterization of the current regulatory criteria for the granting of public land;
  • All Public and Mercatali;
  • Tourist routes;
  • Historical context and artistic.

Sound level

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